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65mm Pipe Crusher Set

65mm Pipe Crusher Set

SKU: 21432

To seal off large pipes of up to 65mm diameter, this heavy duty hydraulic pipe crusher is ideal for getting into trenches and quickly isolating water flow during reactive and emergency situations. Designed for the toughest of job situations, the double column design can crush pipes of various materials from polymer to soft metals (eg: PE, copper) ensures minimum flexure and even load during operation.


The pipe crusher is easily fitted over pipes by opening up one side, the column is re-engaged and the system is ready to go. The hydraulic pump is easily attached by a quick release 3/8" NPT oil valve system.


We offer this as a stand alone product or as a kit:

Standalone package includes:

- 65mm TJ Carey Pipe Crusher


Pump and Pipe Crusher kit

- 65mm TJ Carey Pipe Crusher

- Fleet Hydrol Hand Pump with 3/8" NPT Connecting Hose (Load rating: 10ton)


    Dimensions: 470mm x 210mm x 100mm

    Tool Weight: 19.1kg

    Pump Weight: 7.0kg

    Standalone Shipping Weight: 28kg

    Set Shipping Weight: 35kg


    For any returns, please contact our head office on 9761 5322 or email us at



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