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B5 Commercial Window Bracket - Set of 250

B5 Commercial Window Bracket - Set of 250

SKU: 20815

Our galvanised window frame brackets boost installation ease and efficiency. This tailored bracket is specifically designed for commercial window frames - particularly those for shop fronts.


The B-5 Bracket is a fixed size bracket supports the window in place and can be secured to the timber frame wall opening. Its low profile geometry allows it to be easily hidden behind a jamb or plaster work, serving for a neat and trouble-free installation.


Please note, there is a minimum order quantity of 250 units.


    To fit to the frame, the process is easy:

    1. Place - Position the bracket diagonally on the frame, with the far edge at the desired position.

    2. Lock - Rotate the bracket clockwise, wedging the two tongues securely inside the extrusion.

    3. Secure - Screw/nail the brackets into the timber frame opening.



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