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DJL Door Jamb Lug - Set of 200

DJL Door Jamb Lug - Set of 200

Our galvanised door jamb lugs boost installation ease and efficiency. The DJL comes in various shapes and sizes designed to fit most common aluminium door frames.


This bracket secures door jamb extrusions to the brickwork by sitting between the brick layers inside the mortar. The corrugated design allows mortar to flow evenly around the bracket ensuring a secure fitting. Installation is never easier, with a single twist the bracket locks into the extrusion and self-locates to the desired brick layer ready for mortar.


Please note, there is a minimum order quantity of 200 units. The DJL bracket is designed to be used with aluminium door extrusions - please select the correct size and shape for your specified door jamb. TJ Carey shall not be held responsible for incorrect selections.


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