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Tape Track Stop Block (TS01)

Tape Track Stop Block (TS01)

SKU: 22698

This is the stand-alone stop block available for the TJ Tape Track System.


It can serve as a replacement part or add to your existing system for quickly setting multiple positions. Block material is wear resistant polyethylene for smooth glide positioning. The orange clamping handle adds easy leverage to reposition the stop and retighten, and a spring loaded ratchet allows it to be disengaged and rotated out of the way. When the stop is not in use, the flag can be quickly flipped up to allow your workpiece to move past. The indicating needle can be easily calibrated for accuracy.


Assembly instructions included.


Please note: This is only an accessory, and is recommended to be used with an existing TJ Carey Tape Track system. For more information visit our product page or call to inquire.


    Product Dimensions:

    Length: 120mm

    Width: 70mm

    Height (Flag up): 110mm

    Height (Flag down): 70mm

    Weight: 150g



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