Welcome to T J Carey Products. Introducing a precision, heavy duty product line to boost efficiency and reliability to your work flow. We specialise in door & window tools as well as other construction systems; and hardware for both residential and commercial building applications.

Home to the original security door lock mortising tool.


The Original T J Carey Security Door Lock Tool



Sfsadl;ajsldhjT J Carey products were developed as an answer to industry improvements. Specialised in their applications, they centralise around the efficiency, reliability and the end-user to maximise productivity and confidence.

All parts are manufactured proudly by Total Tooling in Australia, boasting quality and precision; and all sales and services are conducted direct from the factory.

Our systems give users a solid, rapid, precise result, which other tools can't stand up against.

wweConstructed with A2 tool steel and high-tensile hardware, you only find quality materials that last a beating without flinching. Made tough for tough jobs.


Created forDesigned for high-volume demands, our tools can boost your efficiency enormously, allowing you to count in seconds, rather than minutes.


OuWe incorporate high precision CNC and die-cut components that see accurate results every time. You spend less time measuring and more time making.



SelectOur tools & systems are designed to deliver simple and reliable operation for residential and commercial applications.

Select from a range of specialist door lock mortising tools, hydraulic pipe squeeze-off crushers, or our retrofit tape tracks. Click on each product for more information or visit our online shop for the full range of products.



SelectMany window and door installations can be cumbersome and time consuming. Our window & door brackets are cost effective solutions designed to assist and  speed up this process, allowing time to be saved and less awkward handling.

Many of the brackets are designed to work seamlessly with existing aluminium frames. We have a wide variety for different applications for timber frame or brick work mounting. Click on any of our range for more information or visit our online shop for our full product range.